Vaxine Amiga US Gold by Assembly Line Original RARE

Vaxine Amiga US Gold by Assembly Line Original RARE  Click over to zoom in

Vaxine Amiga US Gold by Assembly Line Original RARE

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Vaxine Amiga US Gold by Assembly Line Original RARE

It is a RARE piece from 1990 :) original version for Amiga, not conversion, in good condition complete includes the box, game disk, manual, round card code and some advertising from 90's.

In this first person driver/shooter, the player must protect a body's base cells from attack by evil infecting cells. The field of battle is a toroidal grid on which your tri-colored half-sphere base cells sit awaiting your protection. The invading cells (also tri-colored spheres) attempt to bond together into groups and destroy your bases. You destroy the infecting cells by lobbing antibodies (also tri-colored spheres) at them. Hit an infector with the right color shot and it is destroyed. The catch is that you have a limited amount of each color of ammunition. Run out of a color and the game is over. The situation is also complicated by Spitters, enemies that appear and spew out new attacking cells if you take too long to complete a level.

Vaxine is exquisitely programmed: Run it on any machine you can find, even a slow XT with CGA, and you'll see it runs at a decent clip. Considering that the game has a fully-changing half-screen checkerboard floor, this is an impressive technical feat.

Weight: 125gr
Year: 1990

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