I know this cart has been out for quite a while (even now there is Pandora's Box 4), since Pandora's Box 3 is getting cheaper at the request of some clients and friends i will share my personal thoughts and gather some of their characteristics.


- Price, when you enter into the emulation world like M.A.M.E. or others you will understand the time we spend to collect and fix all games, this is almost a plug and play board (semi-plug-n-play solution because needs the JAMMA adapter) at very reasonable price.
- Most games I tested so far run well, particularly CPS1, CPS2 and MVS there are more like 345 unique playable games, the rest are unknowns or hack versions (i finish Metal Slug 2 without coins i am very happy :))
- CPS3 is not perfect, but playable, this is naturally huge for these cheap multicarts.
- Frontend is easy to navigate with option to hide games, difficult, lives, coins, sound, the usual arcade settings.
- Sound control and setup button on the PCB.
- Vga female connector, which allow us to connect directly to almost any PC monitor (not only CRT).


- Some sounds are missing or really low on some games, in some cases music is loud but the sound effects are low.
- Sound levels differ per game, so unfortunately some games are blasting and some are really low you have to adjust the sound on the pcb to get it at a playable level depending on the game.
- You have to coin up in order to navigate and start a game, no freeplay mode.
- There is no option to flip to true vertical, it would be nice for some vertical classic and shooting games.
- Some notable horizontal games not included (yet ?..), you will not find Super Mario.


At this price it's really hard to complain.. it's a great solution for those people looking for a quick, cheap, semi-plug-n-play emulation solution without worrying too much about details.

I have a few for sale, you can buy them here: http://www.hardcade.com/en/multi-game-pcb

I will update some videos and images soon, stay connected!