DIY Spare Parts

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DIY Arcade Kits (0)

Everything you need to create your own arcade.

Buttons (0)

All kinds of push buttons with and without light.

Joysticks (0)

They control your movements. Do not forget them :)

Switch (0)

They do almost everything on or off.

Lights (0)

Leds for Pinball, Push Buttons, Strips and others.

Harness & Wiring (0)

Cables and connections to the inside of your arcade machine.

Power Supply (0)

Power supply and switching PS.

Cooling Fans (0)

Cooler, cooling fans for arcade machines.

Monitor (0)

CRT, TFT, LCD high-resolution, high-performance.

Chassis (0)

Monitor chassis 14'' to 29''.

Amplifiers (0)

Shakes up the room.

Sound (0)

Speakers, grill and other accessories.

Coin Selector (0)

Coin acceptor, coin selector for arcade machine.

Coin Meter / Counters (0)

How many coins ?

Timer Board (0)

Coin operated timer control board, supply box.

Lock & Door (0)

Cam lock can for arcade coin door, arcade cabinet doors.

Usb Keyboard Encoder (0)

Advanced keyboard emulators, I-PAC2 and others.

Other useful things (0)

All other useful acessories, uncategorized.

T Molding (0)

Beautiful finishes protectors, various sizes.

Touchscreen (0)

Touchscreen accessories.
Im a collector, this is my personal website. Buy rare, used or refurbished related arcade games, machines and old console stuff. Some items are traded and acquired in liquidation or auctions, strictly new or in mint condition, the site is being updated with complete inventory. With few exceptions all the photos on the site are photographed by me in the studio with white background, the entire site is programmed here and coffee is good. For sale or exchange send your inventory to the email: feel free to talk with me.